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          Thank you for coming to our chapter’s little corner of the internet.  We are the Swarthmore Chapter of the Delta Upsilon International Fraternity.  We have been on campus for more than a century (since 1894), and expect to be here for many years to come.  We are one of two active fraternities on the campus of Swarthmore College.

          Although we identify ourselves as DU brothers we first and foremost see ourselves as Swatties.  All of our brothers are deeply involved in Swarthmore student government, various students’ clubs/organizations, and various Swarthmore athletic teams (both on the varsity and club level).  Although we are deeply enmeshed into the fabric of Swarthmore College, many members of the Swarthmore Community still wonder just exactly what our brotherhood is all about.

          At the heart of the Delta Upsilon experience lays the combined strength of a brotherhood resolved to live their lives by our four founding principles.  We strive to “Build Better Men” by providing academic support, avenues for leadership development, a wealth of community service projects, and social outlets to provide balance to any man’s college experience.

          It is difficult to summarize all that Delta Upsilon represents in only a few words.  No one could have prepared any of us for all the fun we would have, all the challenges we would confront, or all the friends we have made as a DU brothers.  This organization is so much more than just a "frat," it is a brotherhood, a brotherhood with justice at its foundation and friendship at its heart.  Delta Upsilon can be a positive part of any man’s college experience.

          We invite anyone interested in learning more about Delta Upsilon to explore this website further because we created this website to help those uninformed about our brotherhood, learn what we are about and what we stand for.  We hope that you use this website to learn more about us, but do not utilize it as your only means to become more familiar with the brothers of Swarthmore Delta Upsilon.  You’ll find that Swarthmore DU men are very nice gentlemen who everyday strive to be more productive members of the at-large Swarthmore Community and are more than happy to discuss their involvement with the fraternity to inquiring minds.

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